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‘Missoula’s property tax increase will not hit the poor’

Missoula, Montana (AP) Missoulas property tax increases will not cause a dent in the state’s budget deficit, the state GOP chair said Monday.The Montana GOP chair and GOP state leader, Mike Lofgren, made the comments during a news conference...

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‘I don’t think I’m alone’: The ‘Lost’ home sale market

Aussie real estate broker’s dream home sale has turned into a nightmare after she was unable to buy a home for the first time in her life.The sale of the 2,600sq m (17,000sq ft) property on the North Shore...

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The best and worst of real estate markets

Real estate prices have risen sharply in the United States, a trend that continues despite strong economic growth.That’s according to a new report from the RealtyTrac Real Estate Research Group.The company surveyed over 300 real estate agents and appraisers...

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