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The Lad bible: a book of lies

In the world of real estate, no one is immune from lies.It is a well-known fact that the best real estate agents are liars, and the worst ones are even worse.This is because real estate is a business, and...

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How to find the best real estate for you

As a real estate agent, you’re used to finding out what’s on sale and how much it’s going for.If you’re a millennial looking for a house or apartment, that information is not available to you.In contrast, you can find...

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Which companies would be sued if a lawsuit were to be filed against them?

Seagate Technology Corp. and its parent company, Western Digital Corp., are among the companies that could be liable for a lawsuit if a California judge rules in their favor.The tech companies have been fighting a federal lawsuit that alleges...

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Which real estate brokers are the best in Cuba?

Estoppel Real Estate broker is a Cuban real estate broker that offers real estate and rental services in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Venezuela.Estoppels real estate services include selling real estate to the public, leasing, and leasing back...

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