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How to buy your own home

You’ve made the move from the big city to the countryside, but are struggling to find a place to live.You want a place with a garden and an outdoor patio.And then you think: Is there a better option?And when...

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Aussie buyer says he’ll get a tax bill of more than $1 million

The Australian real estate market is on a rollercoaster ride.But with one of the country’s hottest properties selling for nearly $1.1 million in one of Australia’s hottest markets, some are calling it a case of home price bubbles and...

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How to buy real estate in Panama: A guide to the country’s biggest cities

A guidebook for those who wish to buy or sell real estate within the country, Panamanian real estate flyer Atlas Real Estate Guide offers an exhaustive guide to its cities and resorts, with tips on how to get there...

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