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A woman’s letter to the editor: What you need to know about housing rights

A woman has written a letter to The Huffington Report asking readers to understand the importance of the new law on the topic of rent control and housing in the state of New Mexico.The letter was originally published on...

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‘Crazy’ house price increases pushed homebuyers to buy second homes in ‘craziest’ way possible

NEW YORK (AP) The number of people who purchased second homes at a record pace in the last three years is fueling an even more dramatic jump in the pace of house price appreciation.Real estate agents say a surge...

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When a ‘fringe’ property’s name is ‘triggered’ by the federal government

A group of Arlington residents is suing the federal Bureau of Land Management, saying that it is infringing on their right to build their own homes in the nation’s largest desert region.The Arlington Land Use Committee (ALU) filed a...

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