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How to buy a house with no money in it: How to get your hands on the best deal in the market

A house in Phoenix, Arizona has been auctioned off on Craigslist and its buyer’s family has put up an ad to buy it.The seller, who went by the name “Tanya” on the ad, bought the house in 2014 and...

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Why do you need to know what era realtor is referring to?

It is the era that the real estate market will continue to stagnate.It is a time when most people are looking for a better life for themselves, and they have been searching for it for a long time.In many...

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How to use real estate real estate postcard for a quick sale

Postcards can help you save a lot of money.Here are six ways to use a postcard to sell a property.1.Create a list of people and properties to sell with the postcard.The key is to include a list in the...

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