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How to Make a Real Estate Deal: The Best Ways to Sell Your Home

With the market for real estate booming, it’s tempting to jump right into the process of selling your home, even if you’re just starting out.But with an estate for sale, that can be a daunting prospect.The process is as...

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What does the ‘Hawaii Real Estate Bubble’ mean for Australia?

From the moment we left our shores, the Australian dollar has been pegged to the euro, with the US dollar hitting an all-time high against the Australian currency in December. But, as the Australian economy has recovered from the global...

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‘I will never be a candidate for mayor again’: Alyssa Martinez in NYC real estate

Alyssia Martinez says she will never again run for mayor in New York City because she is “not a candidate.”The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday that Martinez was asked to leave a rally on March 13 when...

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Houston real estate sales boom continues

AUSTIN, Texas — Sales for real estate in the Houston metropolitan area climbed to their highest level in nearly three years as the region’s population boomed and demand for luxury condominiums and villas rose.The surge of sales in Houston’s...

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