Phoenix’s Wolffer Estate sells $25.5M home in Denton

Denton, Texas—A Phoenix-area real estate family sold a $25 million home to a billionaire heir and his daughter for $5.5 million more than the listing price, and the deal included an additional $1.5-million to help defray the $1 million purchase price, according to a person familiar with the sale.

The buyer, David Wolfer, and his wife, Jennifer, are a well-known Dallas real estate dynasty.

The couple is close to Texas governor Greg Abbott and the Texas House of Representatives, and they’re among the wealthiest people in Dallas.

David Wolff bought the 5,100-square-foot house in Dallas for $25,000, according in the listing.

The listing does not include a sale price.

David and Jennifer Wolf have had a long history in Dallas real-estate, including in the neighborhood of Dallas Plaza, according for the listing, which was bought in March 2016 by Dallas-based developer, and is listed in the Dallas Real Estate Market, a data-driven listing marketplace.

The property includes nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, three baths and a deck, according.

The property includes eight parking spaces.

The Wolfs own more than 100 homes in Dallas, according and the Wolfts have been involved in Dallas Real estate for years.

In June 2017, the couple sold a 1,400-square foot house on South Congress Avenue for $9.8 million, according Dallas Real.

The new buyer is expected to get his $5 million purchase payment in about three weeks, the person said.

The buyer will pay $2.75 million for the home, and $2 million for all of the improvements.

The $1,400,000 sale price was announced last week, and David Wolfe announced in a statement to the Dallas Morning News that he would be donating $1 to the National Wildlife Federation and the American Red Cross, the Dallas Business Journal reported.

The listing is subject to a $1 commission, the people said.

The purchase price of the home comes as the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is struggling with a housing crisis.

The city saw a 7.4 percent drop in home sales in July, compared with the same month in 2016.

The Dallas-Ft.

Worth area has been the focus of much criticism for its affordable housing policies, and a growing number of communities are struggling to maintain their character as vibrant, diverse and vibrant communities.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Development said last week it would allow more affordable housing in Dallas than it allowed in other Texas cities.

The department has been working with communities to create affordable housing stock and has created more than 30 projects in Dallas since the beginning of the year, according the agency.

In June, the agency said it will also begin expanding its efforts to provide subsidized housing for low-income individuals in Dallas and other surrounding counties, and it will help communities to increase access to affordable housing, according, The Dallas Morning Post reported.

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