How much do you really know about the real estate industry?

KAUAI, Hawaii — Real estate investors who want to sell their homes in Hawaii are getting some help from the real-estate industry’s most famous advocate: the state’s governor.

Haley Barbour, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is in the midst of a campaign to get more people involved in the real world, and she’s using her position to advocate for a few of her fellow legislators.

Barbour said she has had a hard time getting people involved with her own political campaigns because of their ties to the real property industry.

But she said she hopes that in Hawaii she can make people more aware of the role the realtors play in their communities.

“There are real estate brokers that are paid, and I think we need to do more to help these brokers be more open about who they are and who they’re working for,” she said.

In 2014, Barbour became the first woman to be elected governor of Hawaii and the first African American to hold the office.

Barbours campaign has drawn support from Hawaii’s largest real- estate association, the Hawaii Association of Realtors, which has worked closely with Barbour’s office.

It’s working with her to develop legislation to protect Hawaii’s real-tourism industry, including a provision that would require real-tor licenses to be renewed annually for 10 years.

Barbour has also signed a $10 million gift to the Hawaii Tourism Association.

Her campaign has also hired former state Rep. John Travaglini, a Republican from the town of Tualatin, who was once one of the most powerful lobbyists in the state when he was in the House.

Travagnini, who served as a state senator from 2016 to 2018, is also in Barbours camp.

Barbie Binkley, a spokeswoman for Barbour and the state association, said Travaggins legislation is a priority and the group has asked the governor’s office to provide assistance in getting a bill through the legislature.

“The Governor and the governors staff are committed to making sure that Hawaii’s tourism industry and its stakeholders can thrive in a dynamic, connected and competitive marketplace,” Binkleys said.

Barbor said she is hopeful that her experience in Hawaii will help others see how important real estate is in their lives.

“It has always been an amazing part of my life, and when I got out of the legislature, I was able to get into the real business,” she told ABC News.

“So, it was very important to me to try to be involved in it.

I think I have a lot of experience in it.”