The best and worst of real estate markets

Real estate prices have risen sharply in the United States, a trend that continues despite strong economic growth.

That’s according to a new report from the RealtyTrac Real Estate Research Group.

The company surveyed over 300 real estate agents and appraisers in the U.S. for the report.

Real estate is a major driver of the U,S.

economy and a key part of many families’ budget.

The study found that real estate prices in 2016 were up 7.4% over 2015, with many of the increases coming in the Los Angeles metro area and in the suburbs of New York and New Jersey.

The Los Angeles region is the most expensive in the nation to buy property, with an average asking price of $1.2 million.

New York, by comparison, is second to Los Angeles, with a asking price that’s $917,000.

Here are the 10 cities that are priciest to buy a home in the country.


Los Angeles County, California.

With the highest cost of living in the US, Los Angeles is often overlooked when considering a home buyer’s dream.

In fact, one recent survey of realtor and real estate firm Apartment List found that more than 70% of the respondents would recommend a home purchase to a prospective buyer if the price was $300,000 or less.

However, as property values have increased in recent years, this number has fallen.

The average asking prices for homes in Los Angeles county increased 5.3% over the last year to $838,800.


Houston, Texas.

The number one market in the world is home prices, and it’s no surprise that the price is so high.

In 2017, real estate agent surveyed nearly 100,000 real estate professionals across the country and found that the median asking price for homes was $2.9 million.

The Houston area is home to more than 4.7 million residents, making it the largest metropolitan area in the state.

The median home price in the Houston area was $913,800, which is the highest in the entire US. 3.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, home to the largest population of students in the USA, Dallas-Ft.

Worth is also the most popular place to buy real estate in the city.

According to the Realtors Association, more than 75% of all homes sold in Dallas-Dallas-Fort Lauderdale are for sale, compared to only 35% of homes in New York City.

The home prices in Dallas and Fort Worth are similar to San Francisco and San Jose, California, which have a combined median asking home price of about $1 million.


Chicago, Illinois.

With nearly 4 million people, Chicago is home and home with the best-selling home for sale in the Midwest.

As of May of 2018, home sales in the Chicago area were up 16.5% over last year.

The city is also home to two of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the continental United States.

According the Uptown Real Estate Association, Chicago residents are among the most ethnically diverse communities in the region.

In addition, the city is home both to major companies and to universities.

Chicago also has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the western United States at more than 25% of houses being foreclosed.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In a bid to increase its appeal to homebuyers, Philadelphia has been pushing a program to help students who are struggling to pay off student loans.

The Philadelphia region has the highest median income for students in a metro area, at $42,000, which has made it one of New Jersey’s top-selling markets.

The area also has a growing number of affordable housing developments and many neighborhoods have been revitalized.

The region also has seen an increase in high-tech and other tech jobs.

Philadelphia also boasts the highest percentage of students with jobs, at 72%.


Detroit, Michigan.

The Michigan city is one of several major metropolitan areas to be the second-most expensive to buy in the whole country, after New York.

In 2018, the median selling price for a home was $1,965,700 in the Detroit area, which was the second highest price of any market in Michigan.

However the price also rose 6.5%, from $1:1,086 in 2015.

The most expensive area to buy was in the southern part of the city, where the median home sale price was just $1;3,904.

In the northern part of Detroit, home prices are up nearly 30% from last year, with the median sale price up nearly 70%.


Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta is one the largest cities in the metro area.

The market has seen some of the fastest growth in real estate since the mid-1990s.

In 2016, the Atlanta metro area had the third-

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