When wind is good, Israel’s wind farms come alive

Wind farms have been used to cool homes, power lines, transform electricity grids, and even transport people to and from work in Israel.

And now, as wind speeds have eased, they’re getting used for the first time in a natural disaster.

Wind turbines have been installed in Israel’s north and south, and they are now being used to power homes, as well as transform power grids and transport people.

The wind farms were installed last summer, in windy regions where the country is experiencing some of the worst winter weather in its history.

The projects were meant to be temporary, but they have now been permanently operational.

They provide electricity to over 1,000 households in Israel, but in a way that is different from what was planned.

The new technology allows the turbines to generate electricity without any need for expensive transmission lines or large batteries.

“The wind turbine is an incredibly flexible device, which is why we have been able to use it to generate power in this way,” said Yael Ben-Mintz, a wind energy project manager for Israel’s Ministry of Energy.

“We don’t have to build large batteries to provide electricity.”

The turbines are used to generate enough power to power over 1.5 million homes, which will help the country in the long run.

But the power that’s generated through the wind turbines is also crucial to the country’s clean energy ambitions, because wind farms provide enough electricity to power 2.2 million homes for every day of the year.

The government is now working to develop a new type of wind turbine that will allow it to provide power to more homes in a shorter amount of time, as it was able to do before the wind farms.

This type of turbine is more flexible, but it’s also much less costly, because the power generated from the turbines is sent back to the grid for the purpose of heating.

The power generated by the wind farm has been sent back in a lot of different ways, with the majority of the electricity coming from solar panels and wind turbines.

But Israel’s government wants to get to the point where it can sell electricity back to power plants that have to use the electricity to cool buildings.

To accomplish this, the government has been working on a new form of wind energy that will send electricity back in the form of small particles called photons.

The particles are created by using a technology called electron microscopy.

By using electron microscopes, scientists can examine atoms and molecules, and measure the electrical properties of these atoms and the particles that make up the particles.

This new form is called the Photon-Tension Beam Energy System (PTBES), which is currently being developed by Israel’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The PTBES will be used to send energy back into the grid from the wind and solar farms.

The idea is to use small particles to create electricity and send it back into buildings without expensive transmission and storage lines.

According to Ben-Kirai, one of the chief scientists behind the project, the project is now developing the technology to produce these particles.

The researchers hope to use this technology to send electricity from a wind farm directly into the power grid, which could then be used by utilities to provide the electricity that’s needed to cool the homes.

The technology, Ben-Militz said, “will make it possible to have the electricity from the power plant sent back into our power grid and not having to use expensive transmission facilities.”

Israel has been trying to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels for power generation for years, but wind farms are the first step in its effort to make it happen.

The country is now planning to invest about $500 million in renewable energy projects by 2020, according to Ben Mintz.

The idea of using wind farms to provide more electricity in Israel is a welcome development.

The government has long been planning to move away from relying on fossil fuel plants and instead to make its electricity from renewable sources.

But now that renewable energy sources are becoming more popular and more widespread, it’s expected that Israel will eventually be able to provide a lot more power to its citizens than it currently does.

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