A new stock of ‘frozen’ real estate stocks has hit the market

A new real estate stock has hit an all time high on the stock market, and it’s also a stock that’s been dormant for some time.

The stock, which is called the “Real Estate ETF”, is a new ETF that seeks to create an investment opportunity in the real estate market.

The ETF is currently trading at $8.70 per share, which translates into a $100,000 profit for the investor.

But the ETF isn’t just about buying the stocks that are listed on the exchange.

The ETF is also the platform to purchase stocks that aren’t listed on an exchange.

And since it’s only listing on a website, the ETF can’t be sold on an over-the-counter exchange like the New York Stock Exchange.

The fund, which was launched in February, is the result of a partnership between the real-estate brokerage firm and the investment firm.

The partnership includes the brokerage firm, an investment fund and the investor, all of which make up the Real Estate ETF.

It’s the first ETF that has been launched on the platform and it will only be up for trading for a limited time.

So far, it’s sold 1,300 shares.

The Real Estate Investment Trust ETF (REIT) is the second-biggest real estate ETF in the world behind the ETF, which sells 1.2 million shares, according to Morningstar.

It’s a high-profile ETF, and is currently up more than 5% over the past 12 months.

The investment firm behind the Real House ETF, The Realty Trust, says it hopes to eventually have 100% of the shares listed on NYSE as well as other platforms.

For now, however, investors should be cautious.

The fund has a low track record and has a steep price target, so if you buy it, you’ll likely end up losing money, experts say.

You can learn more about the ETF at:Investors can buy and sell REIT stocks through the ETF website.

The REIT ETF is a registered investment product, which means it must be traded in person or over the phone.

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