What you need to know about real estate sales and rental prices

Sales of rental property have skyrocketed in the last year, but are they a good investment?

We asked our research team to put together this list of the 10 best deals we’ve seen this year.1.

The Sotheby’s Realty Home Sale at the Sothebys in NYC.

For $7,000, you get a house and 2,800 square feet of living space, which is about what you could get in a five-bedroom house in NYC, with amenities including a gym, pool, pool house, pool deck, and an outdoor living area.

The price tag is about $1.2 million.2.

The $9.9 million sale of the old Piazza in New York.

This one is worth more than the average sale price in New Yorks, but it’s more expensive than most.

For the house alone, the price tag runs up to $2.5 million.3.

The massive sale of a $1 billion home in Miami.

The listing has been live for years, and it’s a prime candidate for a big sale.

This house is a classic example of a house that went for so much that it sold at a price that was affordable to many families.

The property is on the market for $1,539,000.4.

The sale of an $8.5-million home in the Netherlands.

This is one of the most popular homes in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of Sothemans most expensive auctions.

The buyer was able to get a 5,000-square-foot, 4,000 square-foot mansion that has a swimming pool, a full-size gym, a dining room, a master suite, and a private terrace.

It also has a 4,800-square foot tennis court, and 2 bedrooms and a 1-bedroom.

It has a $4,900 annual sale price.5.

The historic sale of this one-of-a-kind mansion in the Bronx.

The house is estimated to be worth more $1 million.

The owner has been renovating the house since it was built in 1846, and its estimated to have a market value of $8 million.6.

The home in L.A. that went from a dream to a reality.

The estate sale at the Beverly Hills mansion was the biggest sale in Los Angeles history, and was one of four sales at the same price.

It sold in May for $872,000 to a local investor who has been building an estate for 30 years.7.

The 5,900-square feet of the home at the L. A. home that went to the auction.

This 6,500-square ft. home in Los Santos is one house that goes for more than $1m.

It’s currently on the list of top 10 homes for sale in L, and you can find it for $2,895,000 at a house close to Beverly Hills.8.

The stunning $5.9-million sale of one of LA’s most beautiful homes, the 4,200-square miles of land at a former industrial site near Venice.

The former site is part of a former marine base, and the owner was able in 2017 to get the property for $739,988.

The land has a pool, tennis courts, and other amenities.

The prices are $2 million and $1-million, and they’re available now for $4.6 million.9.

The huge sale of 1,600-square yards of land in Beverly Hills that sold for $5 million to a developer.

The site is surrounded by the Los Angeles River and is part a former Marine Corps base, but the buyer also secured land near a golf course.

It will be a major asset for the project and will be one of many properties to be developed in the area.

For more, check out our LA property listings.10.

The most expensive sale in the history of the Sperry Group, the sale of its new home in Atlanta.

The company is known for its high-end real estate, and this is the first time that the company has sold in Atlanta in nearly a decade.

The buyers will be able to use the property to build an office building, a luxury hotel, and more.

It sells for more.

The best real estate deals are rarely easy to come by, but they can be hard to resist.

Just like with anything else, you have to be willing to take a risk and try something new.

That said, you might have to take some of the bigger risks to get better returns than a typical home sale.

The best place to look for a home that’s worth your money is at Realtor.com, where we offer free home appraisal and financing services.

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