How to buy your own home

You’ve made the move from the big city to the countryside, but are struggling to find a place to live.

You want a place with a garden and an outdoor patio.

And then you think: Is there a better option?

And when you hear the term ‘rent-to-value’ you can’t help but think, “That sounds good”.

What’s a ‘rent to value’ When a property owner rents out an apartment or a property, the owner has to sell it for a fair price.

The owner then has to pay the property to the buyer.

This is called ‘renting’.

In other words, the property owner pays a rent for the property and the buyer pays a price for the house.

But, how do we get this right?

How can we set up a ‘real estate appraisal’?

Real estate appraisals are not like a mortgage, or credit card interest rates.

Instead, they are a market place where all buyers, sellers and landlords bid on a property.

It’s a market that will work for everyone, not just the wealthy.

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