Exclusive: Luxury apartments for sale in Minneapolis and Atlanta

New listings for apartments in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and St. Paul offer amenities including heated kitchens, granite countertops, and granite counter tops.

The apartments, which are in the upscale downtown area, come with a price tag of $539,000, and can be rented for $300,000 to $1 million.

 In Minneapolis, the new condos are listed on Apartment Therapy, with a starting price of $737,900.

In Atlanta, the listings on Aporex are for $547,400, while in St. Louis, they are listed at $549,000.

The listing on Apoors has an asking price of just under $1.1 million, while the listing on Todays Listing for Apartment 3 is $1,073,000 and the listing for Apoortem for Apocapture is $995,000 on a 5-bedroom.

The apartments are also listed in the more affluent neighborhoods of downtown Minneapolis, Lakeview, and Northlake.

The apartments also include a pool with Jacuzzi, an outdoor kitchen, and marble countertops.

The listing on the Apoorex has a starting listing price of under $400,000 for one-bedroom apartments.

For more information, visit Apoorks.com.

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