How much is your home worth?

Here are some facts and figures about the value of real estate in the US.1.

The average home in the U.S. is valued at $5,903,800, according to the latest census data.2.

A typical house in the United States has an estimated value of $1,904,000, according the latest Census data.3.

The median home price in the country is $942,000.4.

The number of homes for sale in the metro area of metro Detroit, Michigan, is more than 10 times the number for the nation as a whole.5.

The typical home price is $3,929,000 in the Los Angeles metro area, according a 2016 analysis by

The home buyer’s premium for a median-priced home is 8.2 percent, according data compiled by Zillow.7.

A home buyer could save an average of $10,931 on the purchase price of a home in metro Atlanta, according Realtors.8.

A homeowner can save an additional $3.27 on the sale of a house in Los Angeles, according Zillows analysis.9.

The annual average cost of housing is $1.7 million in metro Chicago, according NPD Group.10.

The mortgage interest rate is 4.3 percent in Chicago, and it can reach as high as 8.5 percent in some cities, according The Chicago Tribune.

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