‘This is why I’m retiring’: CMA chief talks retiring after 49ers’ loss to Broncos

CMA president Bill DeBlasio spoke to FOX Sports about retiring after the 49ers 49-28 loss to the Broncos on Sunday.

DeBlasio said he was going to retire after 49er’s season is over.

He also said that he would like to remain on the job for another year.

He made his comments to FOXSports.com.

De Blasio, who is retiring after an 11-year tenure, has had a busy schedule of events this season.

He spoke at the NFL owners meetings in San Francisco, spoke to the media on his way to the Super Bowl and appeared on CBSSports.tv’s ‘SportsNation’ on Sunday night.

He is also attending the 2017 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday and was on the show for an appearance on the ‘Inside The NBA’ show.

DeBlasons father, Jack, died in October at age 88.

Deblasio spoke with FOXSports at his home in Santa Clara, Calif.

The 49ers have lost six games this season and are now 7-7.

De Blasio said the 49er Nation will remain positive and supportive of the team and their fans.

De Blasos father died in September, so there’s going to be a big void for him.

I’m going to stay positive, he said.

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