Which companies would be sued if a lawsuit were to be filed against them?

Seagate Technology Corp. and its parent company, Western Digital Corp., are among the companies that could be liable for a lawsuit if a California judge rules in their favor.

The tech companies have been fighting a federal lawsuit that alleges they improperly marketed their high-speed SSDs to consumers who didn’t need them.

The companies said the lawsuits are baseless and will not be settled.

The ruling comes on the heels of a U.S. District Court judge’s ruling in October that the lawsuits against the companies were frivolous and did not present any genuine dispute over the merits of the products. 

The companies have also been sued in California and elsewhere by other companies that have sued over the products and for alleged violations of state consumer protection laws. 

Seagate’s SSDs were originally intended to be used in the data centers of universities and high-tech companies, but they have been sold to consumers as consumer products.

Western Digital is the largest consumer SSD maker in the U.K., but its products are sold to businesses such as hospitals and banks, according to court documents. 

A Seagate spokesperson said it has never sold consumer-grade SSDs in the United States.

“We believe our products are safe and secure, and we continue to invest in developing technologies that will help make SSDs available to consumers in the future,” the spokesperson said. 

“The companies should be able to settle these lawsuits with the courts,” said Jim Cramer, CEO of Cramer Research.

“These companies have proven time and again that they have not only a business model that they use to make money off of the consumer, but also an ideology that is based on greed.”

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