How to sell your real estate empire to the richest person in America

As the nation’s richest person, George G.W. Bush has enjoyed a near-monopoly on federal real estate for more than two decades.

Now that he’s out of the race, it appears he’s going to get another shot at controlling his empire, thanks to the sale of his ranch to the family of the man who owns it.

George H.W.: Bush Family Land in Texas to Buy For $100 MillionThe Texas governor’s ranch is on the market for $100 million, and he’s expected to take it over after a four-year bidding war.

The estate is worth more than $500 million, according to Forbes.

But there’s a catch.

As Politico reported, Bush has been spending millions of dollars on private jets and luxury cars.

The sale comes after he was criticized for spending millions on expensive vacations and his own limousine, the F-15.

The family, who owns the Texas ranch, have spent about $30 million on their trip to the Bahamas and another $10 million on luxury vacations, according an Associated Press review of state and federal records.

In February, the Bush family announced that the family would be moving their mansion, which sits on 3,000 acres, to Houston.

They also said that they would be selling their assets to help fund education for future generations.

The Bushs also plan to purchase a nearby ranch in New Mexico.

But even before the sale, they had been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to improve the property.

According to the AP, they bought land in the state and paid for improvements that included a new drainage system, drainage systems for the river, and irrigation and sprinkler systems.

The ranch was supposed to be the centerpiece of a new golf course and other improvements, but Bush’s administration put the golf course on hold.

In July, the president announced a $2.4 billion plan to expand the state’s tourism industry.

The plan would create jobs for workers at construction sites, provide tax breaks to businesses that expand, and help pay for other initiatives.

The state is also expected to spend $2 billion on an education program, according the AP.

Development Is Supported By

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