New Zealand Real Estate Industry Sees Huge Revenue Surge After Landlords Hiring New Staff

Landlords are hiring staff to handle growing numbers of people looking for work in the industry, but the recruitment process has been fraught with uncertainty.

New Zealand’s real estate sector has seen a sharp rise in vacancies in recent years, with a total of more than 1.5 million vacancies for the year ending March 2017, according to figures released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The figures, published on Monday, show that the number of vacancies for accommodation services rose by about 70,000 in the year to March, a sharp jump from the previous year.

The figures also show that there are almost 4.5 times more vacancies for non-permanent staff, and that there is a further 3.1 times more vacant properties than the number for permanent staff.

In a report published in February, MBIE said the number and quality of vacancies was at a record high, with the number increasing by almost 8 percent in the past 12 months.

The ministry also said it had set a target of filling 10 percent of vacancies by March 2019.

Auckland’s CBD has been particularly busy with the influx of people seeking work in its housing sector.

The Auckland Regional Council says its rental vacancy rate is around 5 percent, which is more than double the national average.

But while the number in Auckland is increasing, the rate in the CBD is increasing faster.

The city’s vacancy rate in March was at 7.3 percent, up from 6.4 percent in February.

But the council has said it is concerned about the impact that the influx has had on the CBD’s economy, with Auckland City Council spokesperson Chris McIlwaine saying he feared the numbers were being mismanaged.

“It’s very difficult to keep up with demand.

You have to see what’s happening in the area around the CBD, whether it’s the Auckland CBD or other areas,” McIlwa said.”

What we are seeing is a lot of vacant apartments that are empty for a long period of time.”

You could get a vacancy rate of about 5 percent and that’s a lot.

“McIlwa says the problem is being exacerbated by the shortage of housing stock in the city.”

If you have a big city like Auckland, you have the same amount of housing, and then you have Auckland’s population growing, and the vacancy rate for rental accommodation has been going up as well.

“The council has also been pushing for more affordable housing, which it says will help to keep the economy strong.

McIlwain says there is no shortage of affordable housing in the capital, and is hopeful that the council will soon be able to announce plans to build a new 100-unit apartment complex in the district.

It is understood that the new development is likely to include a hotel and office space.

“It is not easy. “

It is a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved and start building businesses,” McEwan said.

“It is not easy.

It is a hard-wired skill set, and it takes time to learn and learn.”

In February, Auckland Mayor Len Brown said that the city was in a “new era” of growth and that Auckland’s housing stock was one of the reasons for that.

“This is a new era in Auckland, a new housing industry, a real estate industry that is thriving,” Brown said.

He added that Auckland would soon be a “city of people”.

“This will not happen overnight,” he said.

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