Estate sale: Memphians have a lot to be happy about

It’s been a long, long wait for Memphis residents to see the final sale of their homes.

And that’s because a few months ago, the city of Memphis began taking over a large parcel of land that had been used as a warehouse for the storage of the city’s surplus real estate.

Memphis is a city of 1.3 million people and a majority of its residents live in the city limits.

The city was able to purchase this property in 2013 for about $2.5 million, but in 2015, it purchased another property in the same area for $2 million.

The last two properties have been sold, according to the city.

The former warehouse is the site of a local high school, a local park, and a public library.

The library has been shuttered and no longer serves as a public school.

Memphians are looking forward to the sale of the former warehouse as they wait for their next home.

The first parcel was acquired in 2013 and the first sale was announced in 2017.

Memorial City Councilmember Charles Woodworth told the News24 that the city plans to move forward with the sale.

Woodworth is a local businessman and is in charge of the City of Memphis Office of Real Estate.

He said the city has been working to get the parcels in order, but it has taken some time.

He added that the first parcel is about $1.8 million and the second is about a half-million.

Memoriam City Councilman Chris Jackson said the council will be discussing the sale with other community members.

He has expressed a desire to sell the properties to the public and the council is working on that right now.

Jackson said the City Council has been negotiating with various developers to get a deal done.

He also noted that the land was sold for less than $1 million and that the property will likely be demolished.

Jackson also said that if the council approves the sale, the City will consider buying another portion of the property, but that would be on a case-by-case basis.

We will be working with the community to try to get it done.

Memories owner, James Brown, told the newspaper that he is excited to see a new home for his family.

He said that the estate will be used for a library and a park, which is located in the former home of a former city employee.

He’s hoping to sell his former property to raise money to build a school, which he said will open in the fall of 2019.

The News24 article can be found at the following link: Memphis home sold for $1M and city will buy another parcel for $4M Posted by News24 at 9:35AM

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