What’s up with Philadelphians?

Real estate license plates are everywhere.

They’re used as license plates on cars, buses, and even in taxis.

And they’re the primary means of identification for the people who use them.

But when they’re used for things that have nothing to do with real estate licensing, like auction sales, it’s unclear who has the authority to do so.

That’s what led the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to strike down the state’s license plate auction system in April.

The court ruled that a license plate vendor was not required to register with the state, and that license plates can be used for anything the vendor does.

The Pennsylvania legislature, meanwhile, has been working to update the state constitution and address the licensing of real estate license plate vendors.

In June, the Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill that will require license plates to include the vendor’s name and the license plate number.

The bill would also require license plate owners to register their vehicles with the city.

The legislation passed the Pennsylvania House by a vote of 39-14 and the Senate by a 13-9 vote.

The bill will go to the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday, where it has already passed the Assembly.

If the Senate passes the bill and the House votes to approve it, it would then move on to the Governor’s desk.

If that happens, it will then go to Governor Tom Wolf, who has said he will sign it into law.

A similar bill passed the House in March, but it was vetoed by Wolf.

The state has the option of appealing the veto to the state Supreme Court, which could take up the matter before the high court.

The House and Senate versions of the bill are similar.

As we’ve covered before, Pennsylvania license plates don’t generally have to be licensed.

If you’ve got a license, you’re free to use it on your car, bus, or anything else you want.

But there are some restrictions on how the plates are used.

For example, Pennsylvania doesn’t allow people to use a licenseplate that includes the word “real estate” in the middle of it, which is how the Pennsylvania State House license plate does.

Instead, a license plates must be placed in the proper location on the vehicle, including the plate on the side facing the driver’s seat.

But if you want to put a license on your bike, you have to put it on the rear seat.

Also, a car can only have one license plate per registration, so the state will only allow a certain number of plates for a vehicle.

There are also some exceptions.

A person can only use a plate from a vehicle they own or have permission to use in another state.

Also a vehicle must be registered in the state it’s used in.

While the Pennsylvania legislation is still being worked on, the state has some ideas on how to reform the license plates system.

The Department of Transportation has released some suggestions, including requiring the vendor to register all their vehicles, requiring all vendors to be license plates for the entire state, or requiring the vendors to register the vehicle and the plates.

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