Why a ‘lost’ Tasmanian bushland could turn into a ‘wilderness’

Posted November 10, 2019 12:18:37 While some parts of the state’s Tasmanian coast are still considered remote, a handful of small islands have emerged in recent years as potential new habitats for the state.

As the summer progresses, some of these islands will become the epicentre of a national park, a move that could reshape the landscape and its wildlife.

With no official designation, the state has a lot of latitude in how it chooses to develop the islands, and many experts are hoping to gain some insight into the potential impacts of this development.

The island of Burtons Bay is one such place.

It’s a remote, isolated spot with a population of just 1,500, and the island has a history that’s long been obscured by the bushfire scars and the remnants of logging operations.

Burtts Bay is located about 30 kilometres north of the southern coast of the Australian mainland, and it’s home to the largest colony of Tasmanian devils ever found in the wild.

It was discovered by the British explorer John Bunyan, who later named it Burt’s Bay.

It has long been thought to be an island by the name of Burchards Bay.

Today, its most significant feature is a sandstone island with a cliff that is believed to be the remains of a cave.

The cliff is a remnant of an ancient cave system that predates the development of the original caves.

“It’s the most remote place in the world, but it’s also the most spectacular,” said Dr John Ewing, an environmental archaeologist and curator of marine archaeology at the University of Tasmania.

The cliffs on Burtys Bay are the remains a cave system used by Tasmanian natives to store their catch for years.

“Burt’s was an area where they would go up to a cliff, and there would be a hole in the cliff that had some sort of a trap door, and they’d go down there and bring the fish back to their home,” Dr Ewing said.

“I think it’s pretty well known now that the Tasmanian devil was an important predator in the region.” “

The cave system Dr Ewings described is also an important feature of Bunchards Bay, and he’s hopeful that it could also become a potential wildlife hotspot for tourism. “

I think it’s pretty well known now that the Tasmanian devil was an important predator in the region.”

The cave system Dr Ewings described is also an important feature of Bunchards Bay, and he’s hopeful that it could also become a potential wildlife hotspot for tourism.

“There’s a small group of people that actually manage to get their hands on this, so I’d like to see if there are some new species there that could be exploited,” Dr Dreyer said.

A proposed park to be established on Burchys Bay Island is seen in this aerial image taken on November 10.

The land is currently off-limits to people, animals and vehicles.

The proposed park would include a road connecting the islands to the mainland, a park road connecting Burchts Bay to the Tasman Sea, a bridge and a marine park.

The park could have the capacity to house a dozen or more animals, and would have the ability to harvest fish, including giant bluefin tuna.

The area around the cliffs and the cave system is also home to a small number of native plant species that are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss.

The local area around Burts Bay Island.

(Supplied: The Tasmanian Government) “It would be interesting to know what we’re missing out on,” Dr Jansen said.

The government is working to establish a new state park around the island, and has put forward plans to develop it.

“We want to see this development as an opportunity to reconnect people with their natural heritage, and we want to ensure that there are a lot more people living on this remote island,” Dr Neeson said.

Tasmania’s Department of Natural Resources has already started discussions with local communities to determine the best way to use the island for wildlife tourism.

The plan is for the islands’ natural area to be used as a “wilderness area” for a short period of time.

“The area is not in any way protected, so there’s no restrictions on how many people can live there,” Dr Murch said.

Burchds Bay Island has a population that’s estimated at between 1,000 and 1,600 people, but its population has declined by about 50 per cent since the early 1980s, with fewer people returning to the island.

“This is an island that’s been completely destroyed by fires and the bushfires that have been coming on, and people are just not coming back,” Dr Richey said.

But he believes the island’s potential to be a tourist destination is strong.

With the current population, with people returning, the natural area is really, really good, and if we could attract a

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